Auntie Amy, a Feng Shui Coach, shares with you how to use Chinese Metaphysics to improve and maximize your life.

" just had my gifts and talents reading from Auntie Amy. I'm a distinguished engineer, so it's all about the data being turned into meaningful results. I'm quite shocked to say that Amy was spot on. Intrinsically she put into words what I had known for a long time. She helpfully explained (with some humour I might add) how I managed to train wreck two marriages and why I suck as a parent. Wisdom infused, I feel that I'm not going to keep banging my head against the wall and I can build a better bond with my kids. I would highly recommend this but be warned, there is nothing you can hide from Aunty Amy: she sees all!!! 

- Mans B.

Discover Your Gifts and Talents Reading

On this 1:1 video coaching call I will help you with:

What is your Superpower

What are your gifts and talents

Most profitable industry to be in

How to connect and manifest with your Guardian of Destiny

You will receive a short report after your reading

Feng Shui For Home Office

Find the best sector of your house for your office/desk according to your birth chart and your house natal chart

Know what area of focus that can generate the best return for your business or work

Get more helpful people when you needed and be more likeable when you are selling or negotiating

Feng Shui Date Selection

Find auspicious dates for move in, renovation, business opening, wedding, and ground breaking. Amy will provide you up to three auspicious dates for you to use in your particular event. These dates will be selected based on your BaZi chart and/or the locations of your house/property.

Hi, I’m Ask Auntie Amy, a Feng Shui Coach. I use Chinese Metaphysics to help my clients get what they want.